Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Technology Information

What is DefFinder®?

It is an inspection method developed by ViSCO Technologies. The method of image subtraction (the difference between a standard pattern and an object of inspection) has been developed to enable visual defects such as flaws, dirt, and foreign matter to be stably detected and inspected.

Outline of DefFinder®

By registering several non-defective models, DefFinder® enables the performance of inspections that absorb slight variations in non-defective products.

Creation of a threshold

Several non-defective models are registered, and a standard deviation image is used as the threshold

Alignment using geometric shape pattern matching

Highly accurate, and can handle changes in rotation, scale, and more

* DefFinder® is a registered trademark of ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Introduction to our company

As an expert group in the field of visual inspections and image processing inspections, we provide products that continue to lead the industry.

We are an expert group in the field of visual inspections and image processing inspections. We are not just a manufacturer. Instead, we are a visual inspection and image processing inspection system manufacturer that combines knowledge of and experience related to image processing algorithms, optical technology, electronics, and machinery in order to provide comprehensive consulting as a development engineering company.

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