Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Product Features
High-Precision Color Inspections

High-accuracy color inspections are achieved
by using a monochrome camera and lighting technology

General color cameras for FA (factory automation) synthesize colors by using one CCD. It is thought that color cameras are unsuitable for vision inspections and measurement for various reasons; however, in the VTV-9000 series, because true color processing, which makes the best of the visibility of color, is pursued, there is no need to worry about this.

General FA color cameras

Although interpolation is conducted, the fact that data is lost by the interpolation is fatal for inspections!

For general FA color cameras, the resolution of green is half of the total number of pixels of the CCD, and the resolution of red and blue is one fourth of the total number of pixels. In addition, for each pixel, the output of the surrounding pixels is used to make interpolation calculations and create RGB.

The relationship between color cameras and lighting

When white lighting is used, the carefully prepared lighting effect cannot be put to good use!

When a color camera is used, because great importance is attached to color development, only white lighting can be used. However, in actuality, depending on the quality of the material, surface condition, type of defect, and so on, sometimes it is easier to see when lighting with a different color (= wavelength) is used.

To prevent chromatic aberration

An inspection cannot be performed due to the occurrence of chromatic aberration (color shift)!

The refractive index of a general lens differs depending on the wavelength (= color). For this reason, because the focal length differs depending on the color even if the same lens is used, differences in the size and position of the image occur. This is called lens chromatic aberration (color shift). If the image is to be used as a normal photo, there are methods that suppress this chromatic aberration to a certain extent, but in the case of an inspection, sometimes chromatic aberration cannot be avoided.

ViSCO processes color using a black and white camera

In ViSCO's color processing technology, red, green, and blue lighting are each applied, an image of that is taken by a black and white camera, and the image is processed into an RGB image.
By making the most of the high precision of the black and white camera and combining lighting, a color inspection with a high detection rate is achieved.

Introduction to our company

As an expert group in the field of visual inspections and image processing inspections, we provide products that continue to lead the industry.

We are an expert group in the field of visual inspections and image processing inspections. We are not just a manufacturer. Instead, we are a visual inspection and image processing inspection system manufacturer that combines knowledge of and experience related to image processing algorithms, optical technology, electronics, and machinery in order to provide comprehensive consulting as a development engineering company.

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