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Scratch/Foreign Matter Detection Filter

Scratch/Foreign Matter Detection Filter

It's a detection filter that extracts flaws and cracks from portions that have solid color.
Sometimes shading variations and flaws cannot be distinguished when only blob processing (binarization) is used. The flaws/foreign matter detection filter extracts pixels whose luminance differs significantly compared to the surrounding image, so it does not matter if there is variation. The color of the flaws/foreign matter to be detected can be specified, so white defects and black defects can be classified during detection.

Original image
With detection filter
Blob inspection

When using the flaws/foreign matter detection filter, a preprocessing filter can also be set. Any noise other than the flaws or foreign matter can be removed by using the preprocessing filter.

Image with noise
With detection filter

We provide multiple detection methods that include detection filters so that flaws and foreign matter that differ according to the object to be inspected can be detected properly.
Flaws and foreign matter, which have been difficult to detect until now, can be detected properly by using the detection filter and extracting them.

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