Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Character Inspection and OCV
Reliably inspect characters with an
extensive lineup of inspection items.

Are you struggling with problems like these?

I want to conduct
composite inspections
that include more than just character
inspections and OCV.
Few characters can
be registered,
and the scope that
can be handled is limited.

I want to
compare characters
with high precision.

ViSCO Technologies can help!

Wide range of inspection items to accurately inspect characters

Characters are trained as patterns, and inspection is performed. With Pattern Inspection to inspect character quality using scores, Character Section Inspection to inspect the character section, Background Defect Inspection to inspect the background of characters, and Character Misalignment Inspection, a wide range of inspection items are provided to enable accurate character inspection.

Character training with various features

  • Number of characters that can be trained: Max 10000 characters
  • Function which enables easy training of characters
  • Blob character capturing: Character sections are binarized, and characters are captured as circumscribed quadrilaterals of each binarized region and trained using grayscale
  • Trained characters can be used as alignment datum points
  • Characters can be trained by receiving training signals from an external device via I/O

Joining tools to perform various inspections

Package Detection/Inspection Tool E.g. IC package inspection and Blob Inspection Tool can be joined with the Character Inspection tool to perform inspections. Tools can be joined simply by selecting the checkboxes in a list.

Numerous Inspection Items

Defects can be divided into "Area, Width, and Height" when the character section defect inspection and the character background defect inspection are performed.

Character section defect inspection
Background defect
Joining with package detection/inspection

Wide variety of font training & management functions (OCV)

VTV-9000 is equipped with OCV (Optical Character Verification) as a character verification tool.

  • Number of fonts that can be trained: 999
  • Functions that enable easy training of characters (Blob character capture, Verified character capture, Multi-character capture)
  • Supports integration model training
  • Similarity check function
  • Fonts can be copied and deleted

Verified character capture function

Capture pre-trained font and find font from region.
Characters can be easily added to font dictionary.

Similarity check function

Checks the similarity of all trained fonts. Similar alphanumeric characters such as "3" and "8," and "0" and "9" can be checked in advance.

High accuracy character testing

Conducts character verification using high accuracy pattern matching.

Can specify up to 10 blocks for character verification

Specify character verification block and enter text using trained font to complete the setting. Character verification is enabled. A diffeerent font dictionary can be used per block.

Multiple character verification in the same column is possible

Different characters in the same column can be verified. In the execution example, "8" and "9" in the third column are determined to be OK (pass).

Introduction to our company

As an expert group in the field of visual inspections and image processing inspections, we provide products that continue to lead the industry.

We are an expert group in the field of visual inspections and image processing inspections. We are not just a manufacturer. Instead, we are a visual inspection and image processing inspection system manufacturer that combines knowledge of and experience related to image processing algorithms, optical technology, electronics, and machinery in order to provide comprehensive consulting as a development engineering company.

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