Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Product Features
Automatic Inspection Log Graphing

Verifying Inspection Results in Real Time with VDA (ViSCO Data Analyzer)

It is possible to save status information, inspection data, and measurement data, and to take statistics.

The image processing analysis software VDA (ViSCO Data Analyzer)

VDA is a monitoring software tool that is used to make charts (graphs) of the inspection results of a VTV-9000 system connected to a network in real time.
It can also be used in an offline environment in which the VTV-9000 series has not been installed.

VDA functions

An extensive lineup of charts

Customers can choose to display the following eight types of charts according to their purpose.

  1. Single time series charts
  2. Multiple time series charts
  3. Basic statistics charts
  4. Histograms
  5. Process capability index charts
  6. Historical histograms
  7. Lot process capability index charts
  8. Positional tolerance charts

Log file saving function

Received serial data can be saved to the hard disk as a log file.

Usable in an offline environment

Saved log files can be imported offline to display charts.

VTV-9000 series standard saving functions

With the VTV-9000 series, the types of inspection data below can be saved. This saved data can be used to perform analyses.

  • Defective image automatic saving function
  • All inspection-result data file recording function
  • Based on recorded data, the following types of statistics can be managed.
  • Six Sigma
  • Cpk(process capability)
  • Lot aggregation

Through combined use with the VTV-QCS lite, inspection data can be analyzed.

By importing VTV-9000 inspection data collected using the VTV-QCS lite to VDA, the data can be analyzed in greater detail, such as by analyzing and graphing it.

VTV-QCS lite Details

Operating environment

Image processing inspection system

Compatible models VTV-9000ST, VTV-9000miniR, VTV-9000mini, VTV-9000C, VTV-9000U
Version 5.1.1b1 or later

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CPU Intel Core i3 or later recommended
OS Windows7 Professional(Service Pack1 or later)
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
The 32 and 64-bit versions are separately supported.
OSlanguage Japanese / English / Chinese (Simplified) / Korean
Memory 4 GB or more
Image resolution 1280×800 or more

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