The VTV-9000 series is line of machine vision that integrates ViSCO's exclusively developed VisionManager software and hardware.

The main feature of this series is its high versatility for inspections of various industrial products, as well as a high specialty suited to more specific fields.
Combinations of different inspection units give rise to operation that is as natural as possible. Systems can be setup smoothly without any further programming required by customers.

Strength of VTV-9000! VTV-9000 series: the leader in image processing industry.

Inspection with Learning FunctionViSCO's "Human-like" cosmetic inspection algorithm. Extensive inspection tools thoroughly wrought for cosmetic inspection algorithm are mounted in all models

Superior capability supports inspectionAccumulation of optical knowledge and application know-how that only ViSCO could offer would serve any inspection requirements.

High operability with simple settingIncorporate real opinion on-site; providing inspection environment with operability first