Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

O-ring Inspection
Track deformation,
detect defect only in one shot

Even for a product like a rubber O-ring, easy to deform and
hard to maintain consistent shape, high-accuracy defect
detection is feasible without influence by deformation.

Are you struggling with problems like these?

Inconsistent shape
can be judged
as a defect,
causing overkill.
Check width
and cosmetic
defect at the
same time
Setting man-hour
becomes enormous
if trying to detect
minor defects
ViSCO Technologies can help!

TrackingEdge inspection tool tracks deformation and detects defect only

Examples of products
that are easy to deform and
inconsistent in shapes

Rubber O-ring, washer,
gasket, rubber seal and so on

TrackingEdge tool excels at detecting burr, crack, hole, foreign substance of a circle or an ellipse shaped item as well as of a rubber O-ring in inconsistent shape and checking their width.

Its unique feature is in detecting a target's track and applying caliper (edge detection) or blob inspection and in enabling high-accuracy defect detection. 

Integrate multiple inspections in one for shorter processing time

5 types of inspection can be conducted: detection width (measurement), defect width (measurement), defect number (count), gap distance (measurement), and surface defect (detection)

  • Detected
  • Defect width
  • Defect number
  • Gap distance
  • Surface defect

Inspection can be executed, from checking burr or chipping of an O-ring and setting thresholds between pass and fail, based on their defect sizes, in a setting similar to the assumed limits of good parts, by checking the said items.

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