Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Image Synthesis/Image Filter
Makes the inspection target more
visible by synthesizing an image
or increasing contrast in an image.

2Combine two images into one or use a filter
Adjust the image to match the examination.

Are you struggling with problems like these?

I want to simultaneously
inspect images that
have different
focal points.
I want to inspect
a front surface that
causes diffuse reflection.

I can't conduct an inspection
due to periodic
noise in the image.
ViSCO Technologies can help!

Images with different focal points are inspected at the same time.

Images with different focal points are inspected at the same time.

Camera 1: Focused on chip
Camera 2: Focused on board

Example of inter-image operation

Inter-image operation references each image

Unfocused sections of
each image are masked

Synthesis mode is executed
to synthesize an image

Our filter tool comes with an abundance of image filters

The VTV-9000 series has over 30 types of image lters. You can set the settings while checking the original image.
Our advanced blob inspection tool is capable of inspecting work with indentations or scratches.
In addition, multiple image lters can easily be combined.

Eliminates period irregularity

Stain extracted from grid pattern

Example of execution with the shading correction filter

The image filter tool allows you to easily add and delete image filters while checking the original image, so you can easily conduct test runs.
Images created can be used as input images for blob inspections, measurement editing, DefFinder, character inspections, and more.

Original image
(light is reflecting diffusely
because of the cellophane)

Shading is made uniform by the
shading correction filter

The inspection is made even easier
by using contrast emphasis

Examples of image filters

  • Original image

  • Sobel
    (extracts edge portions)

  • Line thinning
    (thins the edges even more)

  • 8-direction dilation

  • 8-direction erosion

  • Edge emphasis

  • Contrast emphasis

  • Low-pass (gradation)

  • Change of brightness

Introduction to our company

As an expert group in the field of visual inspections and image processing inspections, we provide products that continue to lead the industry.

We are an expert group in the field of visual inspections and image processing inspections. We are not just a manufacturer. Instead, we are a visual inspection and image processing inspection system manufacturer that combines knowledge of and experience related to image processing algorithms, optical technology, electronics, and machinery in order to provide comprehensive consulting as a development engineering company.

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