Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Dent Inspections - PMS Inspection System
Capable of Detecting Unevenness
(Swelling, Dents) in Objects of

Switching the lighting angle for an inspection makes it possible
to automatically inspect for defects that could once only
be seen during eyesight-based inspections, such as swelling and dents.

Are you struggling with problems like these?

I can only find
the defects
by relying on eyesight.

Detecting dents is
difficult because the
object of inspection has
a mirror surface.
Inspection is difficult
because the front
surface has a pattern.

ViSCO Technologies can help!

Unevenness defects can be detected even on objects of detection that have a luster or pattern

Multiple images captured by using different lighting positions are analyzed to cancel out undulations, etc. on the front surface and detect only unevenness defects.

With our PMS inspection tool, it is possible to visualize minute unevenness and gradually changing warps, both of which are difficult to detect when using a general optical system.

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As an expert group in the field of visual inspections and image processing inspections, we provide products that continue to lead the industry.

We are an expert group in the field of visual inspections and image processing inspections. We are not just a manufacturer. Instead, we are a visual inspection and image processing inspection system manufacturer that combines knowledge of and experience related to image processing algorithms, optical technology, electronics, and machinery in order to provide comprehensive consulting as a development engineering company.

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