Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Images all the way.ViSCO Technologies Corporation

Even Complex Inspections can be Easily
Set Up Simply by Segmenting the Inspection Area


Based on DefFinder®, which statistically judges foreign matter, SegmentDefFinder is a function that makes it possible to more smoothly inspect three-dimensional molded products such as connectors and housing.

Equal segments or unequal segments are specified for each inspection area. This makes collective management possible even if there are multiple inspection areas.

Example of using SegmentDefFinder

The conceptual equipment MUSOU, which is used to conduct high-precision inspections of the front and back surfaces of objects of inspection without any blind spots

Equal segments

Inspection areas have the same segment width in both the row and column direction.

Unequal segments

The area is segmented based on any specified quadrilaterals.


Easy to specify unused areas

You can click specific segments in the segmented area to easily switch them between used and unused.


Inspection methods that can be set up

Inspections using individual template (reference) images

A separate template image is registered for each inspection area to conduct an inspection.

Inspections using a common template image

One common template image is registered for all inspection areas to conduct an inspection.

Adjacent delta inspection areas

The image on the left is used as a template image to conduct an inspection.
(For the leftmost target area, the target area on the right is used as the template image.)

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