High-performance/high functional capability system by ViSCO, image processing expert, will realize the cosmetic inspection suitable for customers' requirement.

Three reasons to select ViSCO

Cosmetic inspection system with leading technology in the industry.
Absolutely confident in realizing abandoned inspection project.

1 High accuracy inspection closer to visual inspection

Inspection algorithm that thinks like humans

In visual inspection, total analysis is done through the action of "seeing" and based on "experiential judgment", "recognition," and "perceptual judgment."
ViSCO's inspection system realizes the process in machine vision system.
Continuous development in pursuit of technology to replace "human eyes" as well as technology to analyze image data.

DefFinder® conducts inspection by considering good parts' variance

CrackFinder® detects flaw in crack-shape that is hard to be judged in one shot

2 Captured image only ViSCO could offer

Optical solution utilizing overwhelming know-how

Extensive camera variation including Super Focusing Camera, showing defects clearly by angled image capture and supporting simultaneous inspection of multiple sides; real-time lighting control switching one lighting to another on one stage; color inspection without losing resolution; extensive solutions are available supported by optical expertise and application know-how only ViSCO could offer.

Inspection possible only by human eyes is now realized by Super Focusing Camera

High accuracy color inspection without losing resolution

Camera and lighting capable of handling wide range of inspection applications

3 Superior inspection tools and high operability supporting inspection

Superior technology in simple setting to meet inspection requirements on-site

High-accuracy technology enables inspections that are once considered challenging or have strict inspection requirements.
In addition, no need to apply complicated setting or programming for inspection.
User-friendliness comes first in providing inspection environment after reflecting the real voice on-site so that anyone could apply the same setting with simple operation.

60+ high-performance cosmetic inspection tools

Abandoned inspection becomes feasible by high technology

Inspection environment that user-friendliness comes first for customers

Designed for user-friendliness by reflecting voices on-site in customizing inspection display or process control.
Implementation becomes smooth with simple setting that no setting variance occurs from one engineer to another.