We are confident in realizing inspection to meet customers' request.
Introducing leading inspection tools among our 60+ extensive inspection tools.
All VTV-9000 models are mounted with all the tools.

General-purpose inspection tool: expanded application for various industrial products

  • Scratch/Foreign Matter Inspection Detect flaw or foreign substance from image with shading or gradation.
  • Improved Blob Inspection Judgment possible not just by area but also by shape difference.
  • DefFinder®series Inspection with Learning Function. 
Statistically judge foreign substance.
  • Boundary/Burr/Chip Inspection For inspection of parts' contour. Multiple inspections can be conducted simultaneously.
  • Image Filters VTV-9000 series have 30+ image filters.
  • PMS Inspection Systems Parts' unevenness (dent/bulge) inspection is feasible.

Dedicated inspection tool: highly effective in specific applications; simple configuration for immediate implementation of inspection

  • Connector Inspection The most powerful in name and reality! World standard ViSCO connector inspection
  • BGA Inspection Inspection setting for ball pattern is simple; inspection can be implemented immediately.
  • IC Lead 3D Inspection 3D measurements - coplanarity and standoff measurements - can be performed using two cameras with different mounting angles.
  • Character Inspection Various inspection items for robust character inspection.
  • RobotFinder High-accuracy robot picking and alignment inspection