Customer Feedback

Electronic parts maker

Only ViSCO can do this difficult inspection (high resolution, high accuracy).”
“ViSCO's follow-up service is excellent
The maker was very satisfied because operation and technological support are available remotely
“With the VTV-9000 series settings can be performed easily, and inspections which tend to be complicated can be completed with a small number of tools. The time it takes to set up for image-taking and our working hours were both reduced greatly when we introduced ViSCO's system. It's wonderful!”
We received this high rating because settings can easily be performed in a short time and the inspections were the best the maker had ever had.
The maker said that as a result of our detailed discussions with them, the inspections were the best they had ever done.
“(We introduced another company's system, and) it's frustrating to admit it, but the VTV-9000 is better
Automobile connector: When measuring the pitch of the tops of pins using the housing standard it was necessary to invert the camera and synthesize the screen, and because there are many terminals they split the screen to do the measurements. This was only possible with ViSCO.
“Inspection precision is stable because calibration can be done with integrated images.
ViSCO's system also handles changes in multi-cavity molds quickly.”
“Even if production of the products we are currently inspecting ends, ViSCO's system can quickly be put to use with inspections of other products. That's why we chose ViSCO.”
“When inspection details change or are added to, with other companies, unit replacement and upgrading costs are necessary, but with ViSCO, sometimes the changes can be handled by simply adding tool settings. We like the fact that ViSCO can be flexible in regards to handling inspections.”
“The system has a simple structure - it's relatively easy to increase the number of people responsible for images, and even when the person responsible changes, it's easy for the new person to take over. This is an essential factor in handling operations at the site.”

Equipment maker

“The settings can be operated just like with Excel (PC), and compared to other companies it's very easy to change and add types.
With other companies, when it comes to changing specifications the system seems like a black box, but with the 9000 series this can be handled by changing settings.
“ViSCO can handle high-speed inspections using 300 K pixel 8x wide CCD cameras. Consultation regarding inspection time can be carried out taking the overall system into consideration. This is only possible with ViSCO.

Daily goods maker

“We considered various vision inspection makers, but ViSCO's system was the easiest to understand.
Other makers say their systems are easy to operate, but they look difficult...
Also, there is the fact that we're a daily goods maker, and ViSCO's system is not a dedicated electronic parts system or the like. It is capable of various complicated operations, yet we feel it's easy to operate.”
“We needed to use lighting of different colors for different purposes, and only ViSCO's system can easily control lighting color switching. What's more, only ViSCO's system handles lighting color switching at high speed.”
The position of the clump of products for which it was possible that the object being inspected may be judged as containing foreign matter was not set, so the inspection could not be handled by simple processing.
In addition, inspection could be managed by changing the lighting color and taking multiple images, but ViSCO was the only image processing system that could handle the processing at high speed.