Solutions only ViSCO is capable of

At ViSCO we always aim not just to sell machine vision systems to you, but to provide you with solutions.
We have absolute confidence in our ability to provide total solutions that include not just image processing inspections, but camera, lenses, and lighting as well.
So that we can solve as many of your problems as possible, we are constantly developing the VTV-9000 machine vision series, lighting control, and other elements of our total solutions.

  • Camera Consulting
  • Lighting Consulting
  • Case Studies/Customer Feedback

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We convey the results of our assessment to you honestly

There have been many cases where previously impossible detection has been enabled thanks to ViSCO's product strength and technological capability. We receive many vision inspection requests, but since vision inspection is not omnipotent, sometimes it cannot handle the required precision or inspection time.
When we assess that an inspection cannot be performed by vision inspection, we honestly convey that to you, and make a proposal as to how you can perform it, based on our long experience and wealth of knowledge.

We do this because honestly conveying to you our assessment that with image processing the inspection cannot be performed and the precision and inspection timing do not suit, ends up saving your company working hours and money.

How are ViSCO's products made to suit your working environment?
Below we introduce the flow from first inquiry to implementation of a system, as well as our support system.
Please feel free to make an inquiry.

Consultation regarding introduction of a system
We ask about the details of the image processing you are considering introducing.
  • Object of inspection / Inspection details / Inspection conditions / Processing speed / Installation conditions / etc.
Assessment using sample
We conduct testing using an actual sample.
  • Is the inspection possible? We test the conditions and precision required for inspecting.
  • Adjustment of lighting conditions / optical conditions
  • Create an assessment report
We let you see whether the inspection is really possible.
  • We allow you to test the actual usability yourself using the actual devices.
Presentation of quotation
After introduction of the system
  • To ensure you can operate the system correctly, we conduct training support (optional).
  • We carry out the work of introducing the system on your behalf (optional).

The system comes with software and hardware support valid for one year after you have introduced the system.