It is an inspection in which a camera is used to take an image of an object for inspection, and by analyzing that image as a two-dimensional surface, all kinds of inspections are conducted in an instant. Image processing technology is an industrial field that is being researched and developed as a replacement for “visual inspections” that were previously done using the human eye.

Image processing inspections employ the following five kinds of basic processing (D/P+GIGI), and each basic process inspects (checks) the condition of an object for inspection.

By inspecting (analyzing) images acquired by a camera, results such as position coordinates, presence/absence, and OK/NG are obtained.

The range of applications continues to increase along with the progress of technology

Alignment GuidanceChecking Inspection

Guides the position of components as the eye of a robot


Checks for non-defective and defective products

Measuring GaugingRecognition Identification

Even if the object is not in the form of straight lines, noncontact measurement can be performed


Reading of barcodes, two-dimensional codes, characters, etc.

Existence Direction / Presence

Classification according to shape, counting of the number of objects

Direction / Presence