Characters are trained as patterns and inspections are conducted. Characters can be properly inspected using many inspection items, such as a pattern inspection in which character quality is inspected using scores, a character portion inspection which inspects a character portion, a background defect inspection in which the background portion of a character is inspected, and a character deviation inspection.
Unlike OCV, character inspections do not perform font training.

Easy setting and execution results

Various ingenious features have been included in “character” training, one of the most important items in the character inspection function.

  • A maximum of 10,000 characters can be trained
  • A function which enables easy training of characters
  • Blob character capturing: Character portions are binarized, and characters are captured as circumscribed quadrilaterals of each binarized region and trained using a grayscale
  • Trained characters can be used as alignment reference points
  • Characters can be trained by receiving training signals from an external device via I/O
Blob character capture function

The VTV-9000 series systems are not dedicated “character inspection” systems, so all kinds of inspection tools can be added to them. In particular, the “Package detection/inspection tool” and the “Blob inspection tool” can operate in tandem with the “Character inspection tool” to perform inspections.

In the execution example, an IC package inspection is being conducted in a combined manner.

  • Package and character position deviation inspections using results from the “Package detection/inspection tool”
  • A defect inspection for portions other than the character portions using the “Blob inspection” on character portion mask output images.
Blob character capture function

Numerous inspection items

Defects can be divided into “Area, Width, and Height” when the character portion defect inspection which inspects for character portion defects and the background portion defect inspection which inspects portions other than character portions are performed. Operation in tandem with the “Package detection/inspection tool” which was in the execution example can be performed just by placing a check in a list.

Numerous inspection items
Numerous inspection items
Numerous inspection items